Fair Maps Texas is a nonpartisan reform effort aimed at fixing the broken redistricting system in Texas.

Both the House and Senate have postponed public input hearings due to COVID.  We have asked both committees to create a contingency plan so that people can provide input safely.

Public Input Hearings

Official Hearing


Official Notice of Public Input Hearings from the House Redistricting Committee

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Our electoral system is founded on the principle that every American has the right to equal representation and is guaranteed the freedom to choose their own elected officials. Politicians who manipulate district lines to keep their own political party in power do not hurt just those from opposing political parties.  These politicians hurt all voters by taking away voters' ability to choose their own leaders and challenge politicians' grip on power.  In order to be able to hold politicians accountable, we need to pull back the curtain on the process of drawing districts. It is our responsibility to make common-sense updates so that Americans can have their voices heard on Election Day.               

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