How to Pass a local resolution

Ask your local elected officials to pass a resolution that calls on the Legislature to pass redistricting reform.  This advocacy is similar to constituents writing letters to their elected officials but has significantly more weight.  In Pennsylvania, they have passed over 300 such resolutions, and this really helped to fuel their grassroots efforts across the state.

By adopting a resolution, your local community leaders show their support for impartial, fair, and transparent redistricting, and call on the Texas Legislature to do the same!

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Any successful campaign is founded on teamwork that highlights the skills of its individual members. Team members meet regularly to coordinate their work and plan the campaign. We have found our campaign teams work best with each of the following members:


  • Grassroots Lead​: People who enjoy networking and can get others excited about volunteering would be great in this position.

  • Media Lead​: Well-spoken people or good writers who can help spread the word will be best suited in this role.

  • Lobbying Lead: The best fit for this role is someone who is well-organized and has experience public speaking, or experience speaking with lawmakers. 

  • Outreach Lead​: People with strong connections and a network within the community are best suited to this position. 

Step two: Circulate a petition

Circulate the petition within your community. Tell everyone who signs that fair redistricting practices will ensure their voice is heard in such decisions as the quality of their child's school or how high their taxes are.

Step Three: Lobby your leaders

Coordinate your community leaders, volunteers, and activists to engage in grassroots lobbying. Set up meetings with council members or other local leaders to educate and ask them to adopt the Fair Maps Resolution. Prepare your team and volunteers for lobbying by hosting training events. 

Step four: spread the word

Use social media to spread the word about your efforts and promote upcoming events.  You should also reach out to the press if your local municipality does decide to vote on a Resolution.  You can also  ​write a Letter-to-the-Editor or OpEd about your community's efforts to pass the resolution.


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