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How to Pass a local resolution

Ask your local elected officials on city council or on the county commissioners court to pass a resolution that calls on the Legislature to pass redistricting reform.  These resolutions carry significantly more weight than constituents writing to legislators, since they come from local elected officials that represent thousands of constituents.  Such resolutions can also attract media attention. 

By adopting a resolution, your local community leaders show their support for impartial, fair, and transparent redistricting, and call on the Texas Legislature to do the same!

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Team leaders are in charge of guiding the group.  They are responsible for developing and implementing a timeline for the work and make sure the work is executed properly.  We have found our teams work best with a(n):

  • Outreach Chair​: Someone that has strong connections in the community, or people who enjoy networking and can get others excited about volunteering.  Your team will be required to help spread the word about the resolution and find constituents that can call/meet with their local elected officials.

  • Media Lead​: Someone who can coordinate or prepare press releases, opinion pieces for local papers, and social media posts.

  • Educational Lead: Someone that can guide volunteers/constiuents as they prepare to meet with local elected officials.

Step TWO: spread the word

Use social media to spread the word about your efforts and to promote upcoming events. You can also write a Letter-to-the-Editor or OpEd about your community's efforts to pass the resolution.

Step tHREE: Circulate a petition

Circulate a petition within your community to support the passage of the resolution. Explain to people that fair redistricting practices will ensure that district lines are drawn to keep their community whole and grouped with nearby communities with similar interests.  This will ensure that their voice is heard by elected leaders across all kinds of government decisions, such as the quality of their child's school or how high their taxes are.

Step Three: Reach out to Your local officials

Community leaders and constituents should reach out to local elected officials and talk to them about supporting the resolution. Be sure to go over talking points with your group/team members before reaching out to elected officials.  (A starting point for this can be found in the resolution's 'WHEREAS' statements.)

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