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Recommendations for a

fair & open process 

Fort Worth City Council

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Fort Worth City Council has created a Redistricting Task Force to propose the redistricting criteria and processes that City Council should use during the upcoming round of redistricting in 2021. 

The Task Force has made their preliminary recommendations and now seeks input from the public on their recommendations. 

Public Input hearings have been scheduled on:

Jan 11, 2021 - Click here to register

Jan 19, 2021 (en español) - Pulse aquí para registrarse

Jan 21, 2021- Click here to register

Fair Maps Texas has created recommendations to strength the Task Force's proposals. These recommendations can be echoed in your testimony for the public input hearings. 

This clip shows example testimony from the Texas Legislature's Public Input Hearings.  This testimony features many of the same advocacy points from our state-legislative Fair & Open Campaign.

Advocacy points and social media graphics

Hold a Fair and Open Process
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Hold a public hearing with public testimony on any proposed maps after they have been drawn but before they are voted on.

“We want public input to be taken seriously and to be reflected in the maps."

Provide  Robust Public Input Hearings with Reasonable Notice of Hearings
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Public input hearings should be held in each of the current districts, and adequate opportunities should be given to review maps before hearings.

Provide Adequate Time for Alternative Views
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Give ample time for all legislators, and the general public, to introduce alternative map suggestions. 

"The public deserves the chance to comment on the plans, especially if they feel like the maps would negatively impact their community's ability to receive fair representation."

No Racial Gerrymandering
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Start the process by ensuring districts comply with the Voting Rights Act. Give groups representing communities of color a voice in the process.

No Conflicts of Interest

Incumbents should not draw their own maps.

"Incumbents should not draw their own maps to ensure their reelection or cement their party’s power. It’s similar to letting the fox guard the hen house.  A fair and open redistricting process allows voters to pick their politicians and not the other way around."

Explain your Work
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Explain how the maps were drawn, and why there was any deviation from traditional redistricting principles, including county and precinct splits and population deviations.

“Mapmakers need to explain to the public how and why they chose to draw any set of particular maps so that the public can scrutinize their explanations and weigh-in on the new proposals."


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