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Weekly call to action


Great News!!!!!  For the first time in 8 years, the House Redistricting Committee will be holding a hearing to review legislation on redistricting reform. Thank you to each and every one of you that has made a call, sent an email, or made an office visit. Your persistence is paying off!  

Because of you, we have a chance to capture this moment!


This upcoming week will be one of the most critical in our campaign. We have several opportunities for you to make your voice heard, and we need help with all of them. Research shows that you are more likely to take action if you make a plan, so please set aside a few minutes this week to help make this grassroots movement a success!  



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House Redistricting Committee Hearing

April 4th, 10:30 am

TX Capitol

 Reagan Building (JHR)

Rm 140

Notice of Hearing

1.  If you can make it to Austin for the Committee Hearing (event details above 👆), you can register your opinion on a kiosk or sign up to provide testimony.  You can find instructions on how to do this here.  If you would like to provide testimony, please consider including the following info: 

A personal experience about how gerrymandering has impacted you or your business.

If your elected official ran uncontested in the 2016 or 2018 general election, how many people voted for them in the primary? Present this # in terms of % of total population of the district. 

Has your community been "cracked" into multiple districts?  

How does this impact your community's ability to advocate for shared needs? 

More talking points can be found here.

Emphasize that it is important to create a fair process, so that your voice can be heard.  Also mention shared values: free and fair elections, integrity of your vote, votes should count equally


2. Please call or email the members of the House Redistricting Committee in support of

  • HJR 123 :  HB 3928 

  • HB 3421 

  • HB 104 

  • HB 4564 

A summary of these bills can be found here. 

Suggested Script: "I am calling to respectfully ask that Rep _________ support redistricting reform.  I believe that every voice should be heard, and every vote should count equally.  Please support HJR 123 & HB 3928, HB 3421, HB 104, and 

HB 4564.  Thank you so much for your time."

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